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Optimisim Reinvented

Many people push themselves and the people around them to be optimistic constantly.

“Don’t be such a negative Nelly!”

“You need to think on the bright side of things.”

In my experience, this advice has great intentions but is very incredibly wrong in so many ways.

Being blindly optimistic is careless and naive. It essentially sets you up for impending failure, because LIFE. Continue reading Optimisim Reinvented

I love you, from over here…

Today, while I practiced more “hardly working” than “working hard” from my desk at my job, I stumbled upon something thought prevoking on Facebook.

I have “liked” quite a few pages/groups related to anxiety and depression, so in addition to those posts, the Facebook gods usually throw in a few suggestions of their own. Of course, Continue reading I love you, from over here…

Thanks isn’t just for Thanksgiving

No stranger to the woes of anxiety and depression, I have developed quite a few habits in an attempt to either prevent or at the very least lessen the symptoms. I have breathing techniques to do every time I see a particular sticker that I have placed throughout my life; in  wallet, on the dashboard of my car, on my phone case. There’s a journal hidden in my house that is overflowing with topics that frustrate me, that I have written out before actually talking about them with anyone else. This activity helps me to discern if the thing I’m upset about is worth bringing up, or just my mind inflating something silly. I use a Continue reading Thanks isn’t just for Thanksgiving

Multicolored Elephants in the Room

When you think about a twenty-something woman, you probably picture a young girl with her whole life ahead of her. You probably want to say something to her like, “you’re just staring out,” or “you’re such a baby!” Admittedly, I am rather young in years and totally have my whole life ahead of me, but what I lack in physical existence I have gained in wisdom learned the hard way.

Once the teenage mom of a baby born just over 2 lbs, I have seen my share of “oops,” turned into “oh shit, this is really bad” moments. My teenage self seemed to stumble into Continue reading Multicolored Elephants in the Room