Multicolored Elephants in the Room

When you think about a twenty-something woman, you probably picture a young girl with her whole life ahead of her. You probably want to say something to her like, “you’re just staring out,” or “you’re such a baby!” Admittedly, I am rather young in years and totally have my whole life ahead of me, but what I lack in physical existence I have gained in wisdom learned the hard way.

Once the teenage mom of a baby born just over 2 lbs, I have seen my share of “oops,” turned into “oh shit, this is really bad” moments. My teenage self seemed to stumble into the craziest situations, and I’m truly lucky I survived. Now that I’m a “grown up” and my hardest years (hopefully) are behind me, I suffer from the residual effects of those early years: Anxiety and Depression.

As a mother, a nurse, and now (almost) a wife, I find myself fumbling through this life someway or another. Those multicolored elephants in the room (because plain purple wouldn’t be obvious enough) are still there, but I choose to see everyday as a chance to start fresh and kick some serious elephant ass.

The main focus of my posts will center around the struggles of those who suffer from mental health issues, but many others will touch on other aspects of life and will be relatable for anyone. As a hospice nurse, I have learned quite a bit about what it means to live and die, and know a thing or two about grieving. As a mom, I have of course fumbled and stumbled in certain aspects of parenting.

My hope is that through my life-long love for writing combined with my natural gift of caring for others, I will touch a life or two with my personal experiences, or the experiences of those I have come in contact with along the way.



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